Jenny Taylor

Profile Updated: September 5, 2017
Jenny Taylor
Residing In: Portland, OR USA
Spouse/Partner: Jim Snyder
Children: Ethan Snyder, born 2001, Victoria Snyder, born 2003
Occupation: Biologist, Environmental Planner
Yes! Attending Reunion
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Studies after NT:

Kenyon College ('91, Bachelor of Arts)
Lewis and Clark College ('93, MAT)

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For the past 10 years, I have been working for an environmental consulting company focusing on the development of renewable energy projects, especially wind energy. As an ecologist, I design studies that focus on the impacts of these energy sources on wildlife. As a result, I get to travel to funky, windy rural locales conduct field studies. Prior to this career, I taught high school biology for 9 years. I've lived in Portland since 1993 and find it too fabulous to consider living anywhere else. Sometimes I play guitar, sometimes I play harmonica and often I can be found at local music venues. I've also owned and operated a small pie business in Portland.

What did you want to do or think you were going to do when you finished high school?


What is your next career?

Farm to school lunch program coordinator; or neighborhood café owner

Do you still play a sport or instrument you did in h.s.?

Yes -- still running and switched from piano to guitar. My children inherited soccer prowess from their dad so I end up attending, always attending, a great number of soccer games.

What else fills your time these days?

Family, dog, travel, photography and the eternal search for spontaneity in unfilled time.

Where in the world have you been?

Around -- I lived in Finland for a year and have spent time in Chile and the Canary Islands to name a few places less on beaten path

Thoughts on high school, favorite classes or teachers, a good high school anecdote?

Loved, LOVED Mr. Matz.

What were you listening to back then?

REM, what else?

Did you remember with whom you walked down the aisle at graduation? Did you know them then?


If you can spell Coach Chick's last name, prove it:


Now we're [gasp] 30 years older; how are you showing it?

Who can read type this small??

So, you any wiser?

Yes, thank God