Rachel Samet Bird

Profile Updated: October 11, 2017
Rachel Samet
Residing In: Round Lake, IL USA
Web site(s): www.onceuponadesign.com
Children: Charlotte, born 2004; Ginger, born 2012
Occupation: Interior Designer & Kitchen Designer
Yes! Attending Reunion
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Studies after NT:

Interior Design, Drake University

Art Therapy, Northwestern University

What is your next career?

Art Therapy (working with kids using art therapy)

What else fills your time these days?

Kids, friends and family

Where in the world have you been?

Cayman Islands, Israel, Mexico, Canada, Texas, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Florida, California, Utah, Santa Fe New Mexico, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, Washington D.C., South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan

Thoughts on high school, favorite classes or teachers, a good high school anecdote?

I wish i could go back in time to live a few more days at New Trier. I would go to a few favorite classes, take an extended lunch break off campus at the beach with friends and talk to as many people as possible. Then fast forward to my life now...life is good!

What were you listening to back then?

The Cars, Wang Chung, The Police, Outfield, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Eddie Money...the awesome list goes on & on.

Which John Hughes movie is the best, and why?

All of them for differen't reasons! The BEST movies were John Hughes.

Did you remember with whom you walked down the aisle at graduation? Did you know them then?

Dan Zibble-heck yes! He had me laughing the entire walk.

Now we're [gasp] 30 years older; how are you showing it?

All of the above! Now get off my lawn!

So, you any wiser?

Yes, thank God